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Sabrina Marie Horne
4/13/00 to 4/13/00
A life so young released to heaven
Left on earth we wonder “Why”
But some are sent among us briefly…
Some have spirits meant to fly.
Sabrina Marie’s Story

I remember my pregnancy was a rocky one with Sabrina.  I had morning sickness all day long, barely making it through work during the day.  And the only kicking I felt from her was on my birthday, one little kick.

She was diagnosed with
Turner Syndrome in February.  I remember then when I was 3 months along, I was sent for a level 2 ultrasound. I was so scared, but everyone reassured me that the doctors were being cautious. Laying there on the table, watching the expression of the technician, who said she was just taking pictures, made me feel sick.  We hoped for the best, but when the doctor arrived with a counselor, we knew it wasn’t ok.  They explained to us about what the suspected it was and told us the outlook was 75% chance of having a “spontaneous abortion” (another word that I will never forget). 

We decided, at first, to not let her suffer anymore and to end the pregnancy.  But when we left the hospital, got home and read about Turners Syndrome, we realized she could live a “normal” life and we would accept anything that would come our way.

But the decision was made for us about 2 months later, when I went for my first doctors appointment in our new town we moved to due to my husbands job.  The nurse could not find a heartbeat and immediately got me into the ultrasound room.  It was then they told me that she no longer was with us.

I went into the hospital the next day and 12 hours in induced labor, I had her after 7pm on April 13th, 2000.  She was so very tiny at 123 ounces. We held her and had her baptized and did whatever we could to remember her.  We had a memorial service for her in our hometown with family and close friends.  Everything was such a blur because it happened so fast.

Now she is with Ava Grace looking down upon her brothers, her daddy and I. 
And I am sure they are happily playing together wherever they are :)
Music by Celine Dion - Fly